23 February 2011

10:16 AM

old love.

hello, my dear old love.

you know that i love you still,
though i've been playing around for a while,
for couples of time.

you know that i would come back,
though i've been gone far away,
in a matter of time.

unlike my other loves;
you stood still,
you didn't change,
even when i am not myself,

yet you would smile sincerely
and catch me back in your arms.

03 January 2011

2:30 PM


so tell me,
how do you interpret
and translate
your dream?

09 November 2010

8:47 PM

"what am i to you?"

i said.

"you are me, i am you."

20 September 2010

12:46 AM


we deserve to be happy.
with every step we took,
with every decision we made,
with or without each other.

04 September 2010

12:20 PM

a face called lace.

18 August 2010

8:59 AM


there was this small boy who lived in a small village.
he was unlike the other boys.
he lived in his own world.

one day,
when he was on the way home from his school
he saw a beautiful kite flying with no direction.
he wanted to ignore it but he could not.
this kite was unlike the other kites.
as if it came from the other world.

so the boy followed the lost kite.
until it got caught on the high tree branches.
he hesitated, "should i climb to get it or forget it?"
but then he decided, he climbed for it.

he was so happy now he got the kite.
he played with it all time.
he was happy and happier.
he told about his kite to his friends,
"this is the kite i've been wanting for."
but one of them said,
"i've seen this kite before and i think it's not yours, isn't it?"
"i found it and now it's mine," the boy said.
"but if it's not yours, you shouldn't have taken it."
but the boy did not listen to them.

for quite a long time, the boy played with the kite.
before the strong wind broke the string,
and let the kite flew with no direction once again.
the boy ran and followed the kite.
but he was not alone,
there was another boy who ran after the kite.

a deja vu.
the kite got caught in the tree branches.

"leave it alone! the kite is mine!" said the boy.
"it was mine long before you took it, and now i'm getting it back!" said the other boy.
so they ran as fast as they could,
and climbed the tree as fast as they could.
but right in the middle,
the boy fell over the tree,
letting the other boy won his kite back.

the boy went home with injured body and tears on his eyes.
what hurt him the most was not his bleeding wound,
but the pain of losing his precious kite.

all his friends pitied him.
they tried to comfort him,
"it's just a kite. don't worry, you'll find a new one."
"yeah, it's a just kite, nothing special with it."
"that was a bad one."
"yeah, that was a really bad one."

they gave bad comments about the kite,
so the boy would not be sad.
so the boy would not want the kite anymore.

"yeah, what's so good about the kite, anyway?" the boy said.

16 August 2010

1:31 PM

your eyes (talk).

your eyes talk.
but i hardly can differentiate,
the truth and the lies
behind your beautiful eyes.


the monster
adrisfi ryandari
the antagonist

alter ego