22 March 2009

7:50 PM

is is.

is saying goodbye better than not saying it at all?

14 March 2009

12:25 PM

your lost.

i am deserved to be loved.
pardon me,
but, yes i am.

07 March 2009

11:46 PM


not quite a friend,
not quite a stranger.
we are (not) strangers,
we are friends.

dedicated to re, dien, gilang, adnan, senni, gema, yuda.
for the love of bandung and us!

04 March 2009

4:57 PM

oh you, fuck you.

'fuck' has never been so ambiguously confusing before.
oh well, fuck you.

"monster at heart"


the monster
adrisfi ryandari
the antagonist

alter ego