14 December 2009

2:27 PM

a picture.

"i've been waiting for you for a long time," opening the door, he said.
"please come inside!"

i stared hesitantly.

"you're not planning to stay here forever, are you?"
as if he could read my mind, he asked.

i shooked my head.
there was this silence.

"or maybe, a cup of coffee?" he asked.

"tea, please. i don't drink coffee anymore," i said.

"then tea it is..." he smiled and welcoming me inside.

his house interior changed pretty much i barely recognised it.

"sit down, please!" he said.

i sat on this comfy new couch but didn't expect i would see something familiar on the wall.

a picture.
a very old one.

"how could our picture end up hanging on your wall?" i asked.

he smiled, "so that we remember, we once belonged to each other."

i should have made things clear before.
i didn't come this far for a reconcilement.
i just happened heading on this direction,
and suddenly here i rang your door.


the monster
adrisfi ryandari
the antagonist

alter ego