14 July 2010

5:39 PM


unlike every morning we had passed by,
you gave me a wake up kiss.
before i finally could open my eyes,
you were already there,
standing beside the window,
as the morning light tried to peek from behind the white curtains.
"wake up, my dear. today is a big day," you said.
you looked at me with a sad smile.
"mmm...really? what day is today?" i said.
"it's just...today," you said.
that sad smile again.
it took me a while before i realised that we weren't at our room.
our room was cramped and messy, but it was so cozy.
this room i woke up in, was all white and spacious.
it felt so cold and sad, ah, just like your smile.
"where are we?" i said.
"don't worry...we don't have to think anymore, dear," you said.
i didn't understand what you were saying,
until i heard your next line:
"i'm so glad we decided to commit suicide."


the monster
adrisfi ryandari
the antagonist

alter ego